“HOV” Episode 1 “Safety First”

Comedy. 2:56 runtime

"Four unlikely carpoolers ride share to work with attitudes speeding as fast as the HOV lane."


"A Cause For Celebration." 1:00 runtime

Short 1 min film entry for The Moet Film Festival 2018 Contest. The Theme of the festival contest is "A Cause For Celebration."

  • Accepted to the Under 5 Minute Film and Smartphone Festival 2018

Out With a Dud

Comedy. 2:32 runtime

"The only thing that can save this date is a nuclear launch."

The Big Break

Comedy. 4:45 runtime

"A young aspiring actress receives the role of a life time in hopes to make her big break."

  • Participant in DC Shorts Film Festival Speakeasy Competition 2013
  • Accepted to The Alexandria Film Festival 2014
  • The Boston International Film Festival 2015

Like Father, Like Sun

Drama. 10:42 runtime

"Grieving over the death of his father, Ryan learns that saying goodbye to relationships can lead to growth in people."

  • Senior Thesis Film George Mason University 2012
  • Accepted to Washington West Film Festival 2013 & The Northern Virginia International Film Festival 2015

Maybe Date

Comedy/Romance. 3:00 runtime

"A pair of young adults return from a day of hanging out both with different perspectives."

  • Participant of Project Green Light 2014
  • Accepted to Women In Film and Video Washington, DC Chapter Member Gallery